How Signage Logistics Survived A Snowstorm

Mar 3, 2023

There are times when meeting a deadline for a client can seem like an impossible task. This job was one of those moments where we were not certain if we would get it done on time due to a terrible storm.

How Signage Logistics Survived A Snowstorm | Lauretano Sign Group After a huge snowstorm, we got to the site to find that the swing stage was plowed in with 4 feet of snow. A plow had buried the staging and nearly filled the basket, all 40 feet of it with packed snow. A car was stranded in the lot and was blocking the sign that we needed to install. We were up against the deadline because our client had high-level leadership coming in from other states and Europe to review signage the next day. 

 What gets planned gets done…

 After a team discussion we regrouped and went to work. We dug out the staging enough to make it operational and safe. The car was another story…We lifted the car by hand and moved it out of our way (don’t try this at home !!) .

 The job was completed that day before dark because we worked together, embraced the problem together and most of all believed In ourselves and each other.

When you work for Lauretano Sign group, you are not just part of a team but the family. We work together on all projects so that we can deliver on our promise to you. How Signage Logistics Survived A Snowstorm | Lauretano Sign Group

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