Modern Signage and Historical Buildings

Feb 16, 2023

Marble Collegiate Church, in downtown NYC, was looking for a ground sign that could digitally show high resolution images of activities and events. The new sign needed to mimic the look and feel of the original sign Modern Signage and Historical Buildings | Lauretano Sign Group that the church manually changed by hand for years. A ground sign in downtown NYC is always going to be complicated but throw in that this was located in a historic district and you end up with a permit process that took about a year to complete.   


Modern Signage and Historical Buildings | Lauretano Sign Group The sign featured an outdoor rated 55” Peerless LCD monitor with tempered break proof glass for protection. The outer shell of the sign was made of bronze and special cameras were hidden in the legs of the sign to spot potential vandals. A lot of effort went into creating a sign that was durable and also highly protected. Over 50’ of trenching was needed in order to run the electrical and fiber optic cables needed to control the LCD screen, after which the area was brought back to like new condition with all the pavers being replaced so they matched the rest of the undisturbed area. 

The project turned out great, gave the Church what they were looking for and stayed within budget. Knowing the obstacles we would run into and planning for them ahead of time was the key to this project’s success and it will be the key for your success as well.

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