Existing Sign Installation Servicing & Repair

Jan 12, 2023

Existing Sign Installation Servicing & Repair | Lauretano Sign GroupFunny sign pic of the week. 

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At Lauretano, we put a lot of emphasis making sure we stand by our work, and do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is happy. A recent project we worked on that showcases our commitment to the customers needs was for Lux Bond & Green.

Project: Lux Bond & Green Store Front SignExisting Sign Installation Servicing & Repair | Lauretano Sign Group

Lux Bond & Green contacted Lauretano Sign Group to perform a service call on their store front sign. We refurbished the gold plated letters by replacing the lights with bright green ones, and polishing the letters.

During re-installation, a small drill bit was accidentally dropped on the glass canopy and shattered the top glass layer. The customer loved the “shattered glass look” and asked if it can be left as is. After consulting with engineers, it was deemed unsafe to leave it broken, and offered to replace it at no additional charge.

After investigating various options, we found a safe solution to recreate the look by digitally printing simulated broken glass on clear vinyl, and created the printable “shattered” look, leaving tExisting Sign Installation Servicing & Repair | Lauretano Sign Grouphem thrilled with the result.

In addition to the exterior signage, we were also asked to furnish the David Yurman interior sign

Issues may occur, but we have built our reputation on standing by our work and creating solutions that accurately represent the brand and image you want to convey.

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