We can navigate your city sign project!

Dec 16, 2020

Cities present their own unique issues and unless you plan for these problems ahead of time you will end up behind schedule, over budget….or worse! Every project is unique and some of the steps we discuss with our customers include:

  1. Design and estimating – this is NOT just about designing and quoting; it is about avoiding problems down the road. Critical city issues need to be determined and planned for at this stage and can include complicated electrical runs, building access, pedestrian protection, type of labor, after-hours installation and so much more. We understand the need to discuss future problems at this stage of the process.
  2. Permits – submitting a complete permit package quickly is the key to receiving approval in a timely and efficient manner. The process can take months to go through city bureaucracy and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Permits can make or break a project timeframe so it is important that attention is given to this step early and follow-up is done consistently. Plan ahead, start fast and consistently follow up.
  3. Fabrication – a major challenge in any city is physical space. Signs need to be built to not only conform to local municipal regulations but also to take advantage of the limited space properties have. Sign design, construction, and mounting are important factors we take into consideration.
  4. Installation – it is critical to determine and use the correct type of onsite labor, which ranges from standard to prevailing wage to union. Lauretano has the ability to use any type of onsite labor in all the cities across the US.

Whatever your challenge; Lauretano Sign Group has been through it and can help you succeed in the most challenging of environments.

Case study – Marble Collegiate Church / electronic bulletin board / downtown NYC

We can navigate your city sign project! | Lauretano Sign Group Marble Collegiate Church, in downtown NYC, was looking for a ground sign that could digitally show high-resolution images of activities and events.

A ground sign in downtown NYC is always going to be complicated, but with the addition of the new digital electronic bulletin board, the sign had to mimic the look and feel of the church’s original sign in order to be approved by the City’s Landmark Preservation Commission. We spent a great deal of time with the church and its architects, Helpern Architects of NYC to get the design and intent just right.

The sign featured an outdoor rated 55” Peerless LCD monitor with tempered break-proof glass for protection. The outer shell of the sign was made of bronze and features a LED illuminated header panel with dimensional bronze letters displaying the name of the church that replicates the original sign. The display utilizes active HDMI technology to connect to its media controller located in the church’s media center approximately 75 feet from the sign. The display features automatic brightness control, which was important to the church and Landmark Commission so that the sign would not distract from the character of the area. Media content for the display is created and scheduled via a cloud-based software package that was included with the sign and training for the end-users was provided

The installation was coordinated with the church’s facilities staff so the existing pavers could be removed prior to the removal of the old sign and replaced after the new concrete sign foundation was installed. It was a challenging location as the sign is located behind a wrought iron fence with limited access for excavating, pouring foundations, and setting the sign.

The project turned out great, gave the Church what they were looking for, and stayed within budget. Knowing the obstacles we would run into and planning for them ahead of time was the key to this project’s success.

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